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  1. DesertedCake

    Lua Nuclear Dawn Particles 1.0

    This LUA file allows the particles to be seen by GarrysMod. Also includes the particles from Nuclear Dawn.
  2. DesertedCake

    VMF rp_silo_expanded 0.5

    This is an edit of the Nuclear Dawn map, "Silo". This VMF is incomplete as it is missing some features and has buggy ropes. They just need to be deleted and redone. This VMF will be updated when I return from my business trip.
  3. DesertedCake

    Nice job with rp_hydrodawn

    Thank you!
  4. DesertedCake

    VMF Nuclear Dawn VMF + Custom files 1.0

    This folder contains the VMFs I used to upload for Garrysmod. It also includes the custom soundscape and particle files for Garrysmod. The resource will be updated as more maps are ported or edited. Any issues can be reported to me via Steam or Discord. Steam Discord Community
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    Important Forum Rules

    FORBIDDEN: IT IS FORBIDDEN TO... 1. Instigate or participate in the flaming or harassment of other members on forum threads or profiles. Use the report function instead of replying. 2. Discriminate towards another user in terms of their race, nationality, sexuality, gender, age, political...
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    Important Server Content & IPs

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    Important [!] Abuse Format [!]

    When creating a thread, it will only be viewable by staff members. INSERT RELEVANT PREFIX BEFORE POSTING - [Cyberpunk] [Forum] [Discord] Your Steam name: Your Steam64 ID: The abuser Steam64/forum profile: Time of occurrence: Evidence: Any additional members involved:
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    Important [!] Ban Appeal Rules & Format [!]

    When creating your thread, please read the format below: You can use this website to find SteamIDs You must post your Steam64 when posting an appeal The staff member who has banned you, tag them using '@their-username' This includes additional parties involved If a field is not applicable...
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    Important [!] Ban Request Format [!]

    You can use this website to find SteamIDs INSERT RELEVANT PREFIX BEFORE POSTING - [Cyberpunk] [Forum] [Discord] Character name (If Applicable): Rulebreaker Steam Name (If Applicable): Rulebreaker Steam ID64 (If Applicable): Reason for request: Time of occurrence: Evidence: Any additional...
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