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Denied admin application

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Steam Name: plug

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:77371015

Age: 13 year old shoota in cuba slum

Timezone: gmt-4

Times Active: always grinding bobba

Playtime on Server: 51 hours

How long have you been in the Community?: forever bobba i been here since the start

Do you have any bans/kicks/warnings?: 20 warnings but no bans yall bobbas scared

Current Whitelists/Ranks/Flags: none bobba i dont need that shit

Past Experience as Staff for Roleplay Servers (List server and Rank): nebulous.cloud forum godfather

What do you bring to the Staff Team?: so i can clean ur bobba community out

Are you aware how Clockwork/Gristwork commands work?: alexgrist can suck my fat cock

Anything else you want to say, put it here:
fuck all yall bobbaz free lyut
Not open for further replies.