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Accepted Andre Delimore - Food and Water Trader

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OOC Section
Steam Name: Smiley

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:26900533

Steam Community Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198014066794/

IC Section
Character Name: Andre Delimore

Character Age: 61

Character Description: |Oily, Sandpaper Like Skin | Brown Iris within Dusty Yellow Eyes| Merc Adventurer Gear| Dusty Worn Boots| Fingerless Mittins| Makeshift Holster| 6'0"| Yellow Socks| Smells of Cigarettes| Bald and Clean Shaven| Lean Build| Raspy, Crackling Voice|

Requested Items (List all, if any):
Some sort of hat (Straw would be baller)
Merc Adventurers Gear (Whatever the Red one is.)
10mm Pistol
10mm Ammo (However much the admins feel is good.)
Some Starting Caps.
Random Food
Random Drinks
(Items can and will be adjusted if asked, such as the Gun being something smaller, like a 9mm, no starting cash, shittier armour, etc.)
Requested Skills: Trade Alts for Food and Water.

Character Backstory (Or why you have the gear/skills, the more you ask the more should be provided):

Andre was born in 2222, in New California, on a farm near the area of Broken Hills. His parents were farmers, who grew Maze and Tomatoes(Tatos? Whatever they're called), earning caps by selling their harvest within Broken Hills, until the mine dried up, and the Hub. However, as time went by, Andre's parents began to grow ill. Irradiated, be it from the lands they worked on or the water they drew from the well. The source doesn't matter of the radiation, but it did leave Andre working the farm alone, which he was unable to do. Having to find a new source of income, he began taking odd jobs around Broken Hills, doing a bit of everything, with his favourite being Bartending. At the age of twenty-five, however, his parents passed away, leaving the farm completely unable to rebound, and leaving Andre to wander the Wasteland, in search of new work.

Andre's been doing odd jobs until he was 37, with his wealth fluctuating from comfy, to piss poor. He did land a good gig in New Reno, working as a Bartender for one the casinos. Andre loved everything about Reno, it was a magic city, every corner had some sort of shit happening, and to him, it made it interesting, he even got his hands dirty himself, having developed a skill of jimming locks and theft. One day, however, he simply saw something he wasn't meant too, and for fear of his life, fleed New Reno, and made his way to the Hub. From the Hub, he began working for the Crismon Caravan, mostly as a Caravan Guard and Caretaker. Spending the next ten years working for the Caravan, starting from a simple guard, to eventually buying his own Cavaran under the company, and selling goods supplied to him from the Crismon Caravan, so long as he buys into their stock.

Trading under the Crismon Caravan leads Andre to all sorts of lands, with his favourite being New Vegas, for it reminded him of New Reno, with a little less crime. Yet, as the War ended, Andre's arms business was overshadowed by the Gunrunners, leaving him with little profit in the market. Looking to get away from the major competitor, Andre sold what little guns he had left for cheap, and invested heavily into food and drinks, and towards Arizona, hoping to make a market in developing towns after the fall of the Legion. Everyone needs food, so its endless profit, he thought. This would bring him to Whitford, where he has set up a tiny stall, with hopes of growing it to a good, proper bar.

Do you understand that your items/authorizations can be taken away at any time, should it be found that you had abused or misused the authorization in any way?

Completely, 100%

(Thank you for reading, any changes/fixes will be made if told/allowed. Everything is up for change. And if denied, then any feedback would be great. Thank you once more.)
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