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Ban Appeal Format

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Post-Union Director
OOC Information

Steam Name:

Steam ID:

For what offense (s) were you banned for? (Paste the reason from your ban message if you see it. If not, post what you believe you were banned for.)

Date of Ban (List the date if you know it.)

What staff member banned you? (Paste the staff member in your ban message, if you know it/if it is listed.)

For how long were you banned? (Paste the length of the ban from the ban message.)

Interview Questions Section

Why did you carry out the offense (s) that resulted in your ban?

Do you believe the ban you received was justified?

What steps will you take to prevent these offenses from happening again?

What verdict do you wish to see on your ban appeal? (Do you want the ban shortened, or removed completely?)

General Questions Section

Do you understand that public support is rarely, if ever looked at in the case of appeals, and that rallying personal support to your appeal is not only disregarded but also looked down upon? (Yes/No)

Do you understand that the admin team has full authority over your verdict and that the verdict given is final? (Yes/No)

Do you understand that further offences after your appeal is approved will result in an even heavier ban, with any further appeals carrying far less chance of approval? (Yes/No) |
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