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8/20 - 8/24

Forum banners have been added, below is a list of the current banners.

There are three presets for all users to pick on their profile! You can hide if you don't like it.

Trophies have been added and more are being added in the future.

You can pick the background of the forums with a styler! You can also change a few other features to your likings. More backgrounds will be available in the future.

You can mention certain groups such as contributors or staff. This is only meant to be used during appeals or dire need of a staff member. Any abuse of this will lead to a warning point. You can use these tags: @Super Admin @Contributor @Administrator @Forum Moderator

Updated private policy to uphold GDPR laws.

Mapping has started! rp_denon has entered the planning phase. First starting with the new spawn area, the metro. Photos will be posted on another thread soon!
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Cleaned up the forum nodes, "Hobbies & Other" was created to compact things.

Forum moderator positions are open!

Note: When you register, the time is automatically set to UTC (London, UK). To change to your time zone, go to the preference tab and correct it!

Added the Discord to the navigation bar, the premium will be added at another time.

Forum Moderators can now warn staff members! If you see one posting something they shouldn't, please report it!​

Added auto-merge for posts, if you forget to edit your post.

The store has been finished, minor stuff needed to be done.

Forum background is limited to one for the time being​

Moved to Upsilon Networks, our real home.

Post-Union has been added to the server discussion.​


silk connoisseur

Added all staff to the their proper forum banners and proper permissions, if there is any issues let me know!​

Wiki has been added, this will feature information of our servers. It's currently empty but will be worked on soon.

Support Tickets has been added. If you have an issue with our forums or servers, you can open a ticket for our staff to look at.

Groups have been added back for servers. If you have a gang or group you wish for everyone to see, you may create one. It will be worked on soon.

A calendar has been added for staff to create event notices. Users can RSVP to these events as well

Wiki is making progress, Beta and Cyberpunk have been added. Potential third server may be added to the wiki.

Added @Dr. sandu & @Airborne to HL:2 Operator

Cyberpunk starts development again o_O
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