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The spike of transhumanism beliefs in the past few decades has lead up to a dramatic state in the year of 2056. Body modification has become an addiction and obsession for some, many have used money to make themselves more attractive, smarter, stronger, faster. Mega corporations have engineered cybernetics for almost every purpose and desire that one may hold. Various different groups have also emerged claiming to be purely anti-augment, interested in the purity of the human body. Many cybernetics that have been introduced into the world have been deemed illegal, as well, however governments around the world struggle to update regulation on cybernetics as manufacturers continue to loophole laws and regulations, similar to the crisis of enforcing narcotics years prior.

The military and combative application of cybernetics is one of the most well known, and most expensive means of modifying someone's body. Militech and Rosario are some of the leading manufacturers in the field of combat augmentations, both of which being the hosts of the top line full-limb replacement systems. Combative cybernetics don't stop at limb replacements, however, some of the best and most viable augmentations for the work of militaries and hired-guns alike involve neural implants to make users' reflexes almost super human. Wars and global conflicts have been waged over and with cybernetics that could have military application. Arm blasters, reflex boosters, mantis blades, and speedware are all examples of what is possible in the realm of modern technology if one is able to front the money.

Thousands of corporations across the world specialize in less-expensive cybernetics such as fashionware, as well as more broad general cybernetics. These are all extremely common in most public locations around the world. Sub-dermal pockets, tasers, pepper-sprays, etc are all famous for their practicality in the field of personal defense. Others such as toolhands, vidcams, and verbaleyes all have amazing usage in the day-to-day lives of those around the world.

Different Classes of Cybernetics

Generic implants into existing parts of the body. These do not require a base limb to work off of, however are possible if a cyberlimb is present.

Replacements for limbs, these can be largely prosthetic, or completely upgrade-worthy when compared to regular limbs.

C-Cyberlimb Upgrades
Addons to cyberlimbs which are required to install any upgrades.

Purely cosmetic additions to someone's body.

C-Cyber Fingers
Addons/implants built into someone's fingers.

Modifications to someones' eyes and vision.

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