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Dean 'Machinegun' Gadianton - Gun Trader Application

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OOC Section
Steam Name:

Climate Ebola

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IC Section

Character Name:
Dean Warren Gadianton

Character Age:

Character Description:
Tanned Complexion / Short Brown Fluffy Hair / Speaks with a slight New Canaan Accent / Bandages Wrapping Up His Arms / Pouches and Load Bearing Equipment Across Body / View PAC for more detail.

Requested Items (List all, if any):

-9mm Submachinegun with Drum Mag and Ammo
-600 Caps
-Any items that can expand inventory.
-An IC Brahmin and cart to help carry equipment.
-A Flare-Gun
-A Radio
-Weapon & Armor Repair Tools
-Pioneer Kit : Rope, Mess Kit, Flashlight, Handpick, Giger-Counter and 3-Days of Food.

-NCR Gun Trading Permit and Passage Clearance Papers
-Gun Runners Association Papers to Purchase from Caravan

Requested Skills:

-The ability to receive weapons and armor from the Gun Runners to trade.
-The ability to repair damaged weapons and armor to a useable state.
-Proficiency with old world electronics.
-The ability to make gunpowder and manufacturer explosives with the same power as low-yield dynamite.

Character Backstory (Or why you have the gear/skills, the more you ask the more should be provided):
-From the remnants of Salt Lake City, Dean Gadianton made a living by repairing antique radios and other kinds of machinery to keep his home town afloat. War started to break out between the neighboring tribes and families. After splitting from the New-Canaanites, The Gadiantons were forced to become a roving tribe of raiders and thieves that were a shell of their former selves. In response, Dean said goodbye to what little friends he had left and set off towards Vegas as a caravan guard. He made himself a name as a pioneer and a excellent addition to any traveling band of tradesman. Even picking up a few tricks of the trade after each route.

One extraordinarily difficult job involved hiking over 550+ miles from Vegas to the Boneyard to retrieve blueprints for Gun Runners. This misadventure introduced him into the inner circle of the company and quite a lot of reputation. After the battle of the Hoover dam, the Gun Runners saw a perfect opportunity to make a tremendous amount of money by supplying the NCR's campaign Eastward. Not wanting to waste his talent, the Gun Runners tasked him with helping supply the NCR and its outer towns with firearms.

At this time, Dean acts as a form of a supervisor. In the event that the NCR in this region loses to many supplies. Dean has the ability to write for more supplies to be manufactured, but that isn't the only reason why he is out this far in the wastes. An alternative task that he was given was to find, scavenge, and recover any technology that can be used back West. The Gun Runners set him off with a incredible amount of training to make sure the NCR fighting machine remains well oil, but. For now though, he sits back and fixes equipment that comes in and eagerly awaits news from the NCR about possible areas to scavenge.

Do you understand that your items/authorizations can be taken away at any time, should it be found that you had abused or misused the authorization in any way?
I understand.
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A .45 SMG and a lever action is way too much, we're currently keeping weapon equipment pretty low in terms of caliber, quality, and capabilities.
The way we're doing shipments is that you'll have to buy them from daily caravans that come in if you're wanting to deal out guns.
A .45 SMG and a lever action is way too much, we're currently keeping weapon equipment pretty low in terms of caliber, quality, and capabilities.
The way we're doing shipments is that you'll have to buy them from daily caravans that come in if you're wanting to deal out guns.
Would Just the .45 be okay? Also, If you are doing that I have to purchase the guns from a daily caravan. Why can regular people just buy directly from the caravan?


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After the change in requested items I would agree that it now fits our guidelines and standards, along with the other valuables.

I see no problem with the abilities either. My only criticism would be that trader roles have really increased in popularity, and perhaps a more detailed and widely thought out backstory could show us you really ‘want’ and have put exaggerate effort into the character.

This is my personal opinion though, and ultimately the administrator who is managing the economy and trader selection will determine whether you get accepted or not.


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I know I'm not an admin, but I'd say the backstory for this character is way too short for how much you're applying for. Anyways, why would the Gun Runners try to establish a post in a backwater town in the middle of a war-torn area that hasn't even been fully secured by the NCR yet? Anyways, they must know that the establishment would get attacked relentlessly by the Ninth Cohort because of the GR's affiliations with the NCR. If you explained things more clearly instead of just 3 sentences, it would make more sense for you to have such a character.
Editting Backstory. In the mean time. Here is me getting frustrated at making my Pac Follower.

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Okay, I appreciate the backstory and the support you've given us. I am inclined to accept this application but I just want to clarify some things. We have a caravan system for the server that'll be run by admins and the like and present opportunities for traders to receive stock, it would be a bit counter-intuitive to have a caravaneer that is run by a player since that'll directly conflict with this system. So your trader is being accepted with the thought that you'll be a local contact that specializes in trading/selling of guns.
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