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2282, 1 year after the second battle for the Hoover Dam in which the NCR scored a decisive victory against the Legion Bull. The success of the battle marked a landmark success in the NCR, revitalizing the war effort at home in the capital of Shady Sands. The political side of the NCR showed new interest shoveling more resources into the areas East of the Mojave. General Oliver Lee, after the battle resigned from his post, formerly Colonel Moore securing his position and taking over the entire garrison in the Mojave. Prior to the second battle, Chief Hanlon took his own life, leaving many of the ranger forces in the East in disarray and without a leader. Kimball has since won his re-election as his pro-war agenda seems to have payed off in the conflict against the Legion.

Colonel James Hsu is re-assigned with reinforcements from the West to lead the insertion into the East beyond the Colorado River. Within a matter of 2 months after the second battle for the dam, the NCR lead a military offensive directly into the heart of Legion territory, splitting much of the territory apart for several hundred miles. However, as this went on the Legion had time to re-organized into several splinter factions including the Ninth Cohort, allowing them to mount a defensive front against the incoming NCR forces, locking down much of the territory. Hsu had hit a brick wall in his advance through Arizona, remnant forces had started to put up a struggle as they refused to let go of the territory. Many passages through Arizona are locked down by either side, leaving little room for neutral caravans and wastelanders to travel. Massive dead zones are established around Arizona where no one is able to cross without fear of being in the middle of military conflict.

To the West, Cassandra Moore was left in charge of securing the Mojave, her efforts being almost entirely focussed on wiping out remaining Khans and the Brotherhood of Steel. It takes a minimum amount of time before all of the members of these factions are purged, securing the Republic a massive stockpile of power armor to be salvaged to be used in the heavy trooper program. After this, Moore turned her efforts to the Long 15, mobilizing her own military campaign, clearing it of raiders and roving highwaymen, turning it into a newly-founded safe haven for caravans. She then looked to the Divide, utilizing her new stockpiles of recovered Brotherhood of Steel technology to purge the marked men inside of it and turn it into a graveyard. Graham Grant of the ranger detachment within the Hoover Dam, due to a lack of other options - is promoted to Chief and assigned control of all ranger operations in the Mojave. It isn’t long before he’s declared a failure in large-scale leadership as he neglects reinforcing Hsu’s efforts to the East, dispatching any ranger assistance to Moore’s efforts to the West in the Divide, and on the Long 15.

The NCR’s aspirations in the East of rolling the Legion after a decisive victory at Hoover Dam are cut short by many issues of traversing the Legion’s new guerrilla front against the NCR in the Eastern regions. Former centurions, praetorians, and frumentarii of the legion have taken various groups under their control and have been leading armed efforts against encroaching NCR forces, slaughtering incoming caravans by the number as if it were a sport, cutting off many NCR supply lines.

Many senators and political figures back to the West in Shady Sands have made bold claims saying that winning the Mojave has only awarded the Republic with a second Mojave to control and manage while they struggle to get caravans and supplies into almost stranded NCR forces fighting a dangerous and unpredictable enemy. Whitford, one of the many towns left stranded in the middle of the desert between both the Hoover Dam and Flagstaff, the Legion capital is stuck in the middle of this tug-of-war contest for region control between the NCR and remnant forces.

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