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Hideki Hadatori


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OOC Section
Steam Name: ringo

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:39381166

Steam Community Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/grimgorsmash/

IC Section

Character Name: Hideki Hadatori

Character Age: 43

Character Description: 5'8" Asian male, medium length black hair, specs of grey, rough beard. Wears a dirtied white lab coat with a black IOTV vest underneath.

Requested Items (List all, if any):
Lab coat
Radiation/Hazmat Suit
Bullet proof vest
Laser rifle
Laser Ammo
Handheld Radio
x2 med ex x2 stimpacks

Requested Skills:
Science & Medical Background

Character Backstory (Or why you have the gear/skills, the more you ask the more should be provided):

Vault 67, located in rural Southern California, well away from most settlements. It originally was used as a vault for California's Japanese population, which at the time, was dense enough to warrant a dedicated vault. The vault's primary purpose was to create specific housing catered to the Japanese-Americans as even after all of that time since WWII, the American government and private corporations were hesitant of fully trusting those with strong Japanese ties. The experiment was for timed, scheduled events to occur making the Japanese inhabitants believe that Japan had involved itself in the war and sided itself with the Chinese. It then gave the inhabitants an illusion of power by allowing them access to fake launch codes which were capable of destroying key U.S. petrol reserves. Though if they knew they would never believe these launch codes would simply be handed to them, so behind several fire-walls and other layers of encryption, they had these fake codes awaiting the Japanese who dug deep enough. They wanted to see if the Japanese who had varying generational lengths of citizenship, were loyal to the United States or the country of their ancestors, Japan.

Of course, this experiment caused much chaos and was never fully completed due to the lack of there being any real observers to it, but it ultimately resulted in a vault filled with a unique breed of individuals. Those who simply, were all of some varying degree of Japanese descent. This was a stark difference to the status quo of your average wastelander's cultural identity. These events led to Hideki Hadatori being born and leaving the vault in 2271 when the doors, mysteriously, opened. Some speculated it was merely a timed event like those of the past, others suspect someone inside may have opened it, regardless, the end result was that just about every inhabitant left vault 67 in search of something better. However, it's an easy guess to assume that many of them were unsuccessful and did in fact, not find anything better.

Hideki was born to two intelligent parents, both of a very educated background. He grew up performing regular vault activities before being assigned a position in research. Although he interacted little with humans, his studies still delved deep into the medical variety. His research was mostly fixated around finding more efficient ways to recycle urine into water or use less power output to grow indoor crops. However, it wasn't uncommon that one could find Hideki in his off time performing unnecessary surgeries on radroaches or getting mice to solve intricate puzzles. Certainly things your average person would find at the very least, odd.

When it came time to depart the vault, Hideki seemed to like the idea more than the others. No longer would his research be bothered with petty antics or drama, no longer did he have to work on someone else's schedule and work on his own experiments in his limited free time. With the opening of vault 67, Hideki was free to do whatever his heart desired. Being the anti-social loner that Hideki was, he left the others and went out on his own, taking enough supplies to protect and support him in the dangerous wastes.

Do you understand that your items/authorizations can be taken away at any time, should it be found that you had abused or misused the authorization in any way? Sure
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