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In-game Trading System

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If you are going to be setting up a shop or trading out of a fixed position this will be relevant to you. The way that in-game shops will gain their stock is through a system of caravans, a shopkeep will get the chance once or twice daily to buy items from a caravan that will be handled by an admin. Depending on the caravan you may be able to buy different items at different prices, and are expected to mark-up prices to gain a profit.

We are doing this in an effort to create a real economy for the server, instead of having a business menu from which shopkeepers can just buy their items. People may be expected to wait if they want to order something special, and to order it in advance. Player groups may raid these caravans, intimidate them into selling at a lower price or at a higher price to certain factions or in the town. This may harm the reputation of the areas trading posts, and lower the amount of caravans coming toward Whitford.


A few of the more famous Caravan companies may be included in the visits to Whitford, namely the Crimson Caravan and the Gun Runners. Ever since the Second Battle of Hoover Dam, and dealing with much of their competition in the Mojave, the Crimson Caravan have begun to branch out east of the Colorado and the Gun Runners have turned to active caravaneering throughout the NCR outside of their kiosks in order to maintain a profitable environment and advertise their goods.

These may be a rare sight, or they may be common, depending on how the town of Whitford treats traders and how safe the routes around the town are. Given the already dangerous trek to Whitford through Arizona, it could be that most of the caravans never reach their intended locations...
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