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Jebediah 'Halfbreed' Nelson

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OOC Section
Steam Name: Adrien Brody

Steam ID: 76561197983002315

Steam Community Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/thebrody/

IC Section

Character Name: Jebediah 'Halfbreed' Nelson

Character Age: 26

Character Description: An above averaged heighted man of a slight tanned complexion. Would speak American English without an accent, though his appearance would be ambiguously ethnic due to his half Shi, half tribal heritage. His hair is kept short

Requested Items (List all, if any):

-Medical supplies and basic tools, enough to fit a whole backpack at least
-Bolt action rifle with scope
-Leather Armor
-Whatever Short Barrel Revolver is on the server, ie Police Pistol

Requested Skills:
-Medical skills to be a Town Doctor

Character Backstory (Or why you have the gear/skills, the more you ask the more should be provided): Jebediah Nelson is as his nickname implies, a halfbreed. His father, often going by the nickname of "Shi Bob" was a somewhat well off and well traveled Shi caravanner. His mother was a woman of common means. She did not discuss her heritage around her family, but the father suspected from somewhere East, though to the Shi everything is East of San Francisco. His father was charismatic and knew several languages in order to bolster trade among routes in California, Northern Nevada, and through even to the Mojave and Legionary territory at times when stable. His mother was a camp follower, an expert as one could be in cooking, nursing, and the likes.

His father's Shi heritage would have also helped in giving an edge with certain techniques, as Jebediah would be sent at times to San Francisco to be trained and given an education in what was called "Ancient Chinese Medicine" to non Shi. Jebediah would spend much of his middle childhood years in San Francisco, roughly ages eight to thirteen. Traveling with his families caravans in the summer, but for the most part being educated and brought up as the child of a merchant would. His education, both formal and informal, would present him the exposure to become a polygot. Off of fluency, Jebediah can speak English and Shi, and he has a working knowledge of Spanish, Latin, and of the "Tribal pidgin" that's spoken around the Mojave and Western Arizona region

Jebediah would have spent much of his childhood, teenage years, and adult life traveling with his families caravan across the wastes. They had access to Shi goods, and were able to get a healthy living off of dispersing it both through NCR space, as well as Legion territory when they were friendly to merchants. When in various towns, while the patriarch was selling his wares, the Mother and Son would make money through their own means by offering their medical services for coin. While mostly focused on what people knew and what worked to treat any given wound, the Shi medicine could be handy for making an extra buck or two from its exoticness among the various backwaters they visited.

Once of a suitable age to be 'combat ready', Jebediah would find caravan guard as an additional duty. He was equipped modestly. He found himself equipped with a light weight but full caliber bolt action rifle with a scope, a reliable hand gun, and light armor to make it through the heat. As the Legion grew, so too did the companies routes through legion territory. As the empire was expanding, so to was the trade, and the exchange of goods became more and more lucrative to the company to the point where Jebediah himself was able to operate his own route as permanent supply lines began to be established. By 2277, with the outbreak of hostilities between the NCR and the Legion, Jebediah's route operated as the second stop on a long trail. The first route being San Francisco to Boneyard, and the second route from Boneyard to Legion Territory. While officially being smuggling, having a few friends, offering family members jobs, and through paying bribes, one was able to get through NCR lines to Legion lines reliably.

In his 20s, and his father retired and selling off much of the company and their assets to NCR corporations to fund a lavish retirement with frequent trips between the gambling centers of the Wasteland, Jebediah found himself operating independently until his fathers death, relying more and more on his medical skills to make ends meet between the trading and smuggling with the Legion. With the outbreak of the First Battle of Hoover Dam, and in the ensuing collapse of the network of corruption, Jebediah found himself trapped behind Legion lines as the war in the Mojave heated up, and the border got locked down by serious checkpoints. With the war raging, and being slightly cowardice regarding the battles fought where he would have to cross, Jebediah kept to the legion side of the border "until things cooled over", making money through trading what he had before running out of supplies and making ends as a healer. With the second Battle of Hoover Dam, and the collapse of the legion and ensuing 'warlord period', he has found himself making a living in the town of Whitford, looking to still make enough money to fund an expedition back to Northern California.

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I really like the application, it effectively explains where you received your skills/training and the Shi.. Well that's just simply epic.

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