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OOC Section
Steam Name: Jericho

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:52994093

Steam Community Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/madworldrequiem/

IC Section

Character Name: Kaito

Character Age: 34

Character Description:

Bordering a height of 5'9" would be the gritty looking stature of an Asian male wrapped in ragged clothing with various tokens and miscellaneous items attached to it. He'd have longer black hair that was very unkept and shaggy, further adding to a more grotesque and dirtied appearance that was also painted across his darker complexion. His eyes were small and a hazel brown, adding no brightness to his rather bland and dull facial features that were scarred on numerous accounts.

Requested Items (List all, if any):
- Leather Armour /w hide chest padding, knee guards, etc
- .44 Revolver /w speed reloader
- Riot Shotgun
- A rather luxurious looking curved blade (very much like a Katana design)
- Handheld radio

Requested Skills:
- An advanced expertise within the field of close quarter combat
- High efficiency with bladed weapons due to learned techniques
- Obvious skill with firearms
- Basic Medical Knowledge

Character Backstory (Or why you have the gear/skills, the more you ask the more should be provided):

A fragmentation from the now defeated tribe, the 'Great Khans' former member Kaito and a small band of splintered ex-tribesmen failed to ground any standing after the New Californian Republic finally made final evisceration to their old tribe. Hearing rumour of a new influx of remnant gangs and tribes heading away from the highly defended territories, Kaito traversed to the south-western states before finally ending up in North Arizona. Even with previous experience of a warriors lifestyle as a result of an education within the tribal culture that it brought upon it's kin, Kaito continued to further his proficiency in the field of combat as a variety of smaller skirmishes and gang raids ensued around the Northern area of Arizona where new collected tribes and clans tried to lay their first mark after the Second Hoover Dam battle.

Settling at Canyon Diablo with a small band of loyal men and friends, the upcoming weeks were spent in consequential poverty and famine as it began a struggle to find much to cater to hunger and wealth, a new advance towards the areas of the Four Peaks found better improvement where other gangs had began to settle henceforth causing a variety of barbaric attacks on even more peaceful organized groups merely due to a sincere lack of supplies and mercy. The longer spanned duration that concluded Kaito's band's stay between the camps within the confines of the Four Peaks resulted in enough salvaging and raiding to support a move towards Winona; The band catching ear of a more wealthy state of events occurring in it's general vicinity. Noting the fact a variety of tribal melee weapons were already in possession, a smaller arsenal of moderate grade firearms were accumulated amongst a series of gang raids throughout North Arizona, only being used to proceed in the generation of wealth and infamous reputation as settlers in Winona caught ear of their prior actions.

Blessed with a new hub for more wealthy opportunities, the band made transition from a well-known renegade group to a gradual small mercenary company that consisted of only a handful of well-trained men, the reason for such being either Winona was too well defended and formidable to be feasible for small raids or arguably mercenary contracts and off-hand work found itself more appealing and beneficial. Hereby forged from the splinters of the older slaughtered tribe, the Great Khans was the Winona Wolves; The new group of hired mercenaries found settlement just outside Winona within the desolate wastes where they comfortably kept to themselves and enriched from a variety of small merc-contracts that commonly concerned towards dealing with raiders, gangs and tribes - or shorthand town guarding.

A few weeks into the new change in work and occupation, half the group were dissatisfied with the more peaceful approach in the accumulation of wealth and fame, older habits deeming themselves too hard of a temptation as only a few remained within the now very small band of mercenaries. Although members Kheshig, Kaito and Job stood their ground and remained some time outside Winona, they hauled all that was currently in their stocks and began to travel once again in hope of a new hub to gain and profit from, whether it would remain a peaceful approach to work or retract back to a more renegade one was yet to be decided.

Do you understand that your items/authorizations can be taken away at any time, should it be found that you had abused or misused the authorization in any way?


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Hey! Just responding to this since it's coupled with a faction application.

I'm alright with the character, he seems like a spry lad; I just can't quite give you a .44 and a Riot Shotgun.

Instead of those we can supplement it with a .357 Revolver and Caravaneer Shotgun, otherwise consider this application accepted.
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