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Lloyd Addison

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OOC Section

Steam Name: Neb

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:61519678

Steam Community Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198083305085/

IC Section

Character Name: Lloyd Addison

Character Age: 50

Character Description: A middle aged man of average height. He dons a worn set of overalls over a wrinkled shirt. He has a fair amount of scruff covering his creased face.

Requested Items (List all, if any):

Starting money:

Whatever sounds reasonable.


Three Brahmin, two males and one female

Farming Equipment/seeds:

1x Hoe
1x Mallet
1x Shovel
1x Knife, nothing too fancy, just for simple chores and farm work.
1x Brahmin harness, with a multitude of straps and pockets
2x Water skins
1x burlap sack containing an amount of Coyote Tobacco seeds (admin discretion)
1x burlap sack containing an amount of Carrot seeds (admin discretion)
1x burlap sack containing an amount of Maize kernels (admin discretion)

Other miscellaneous stuff, like a bundle of rope and some empty sacks.

Food stuff:

A starting amount of any of the crops listed above, whatever you feel is alright.

Caravan Shotgun:

A beat up, old shotty, good for putting down cattle and cattle hustlers.


Twelve 20 Gauge shells.

Requested Skills:

Farming - Fairly knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to farming.

Carpentry - Basic craftsman abilities in the area of wood. Building simple furniture and the like.

Survival Skills - Basic survival skills, like building a campfire, foraging, cooking, etc.

Character Backstory (Or why you have the gear/skills, the more you ask the more should be provided):

Lloyd Addison was born in the year 2232 to a family of farmers in the small community of ‘Conroy’ to the south-west of Phoenix, Arizona. He spent much of his childhood working alongside his parents, tilling the fields, or tending to the towns collective herd of Brahmin. The settlements location often placed this hardworking group of people in the intersection of two tribes that inhabited the lands to the east, the Salt-Sand and Red-Spear tribes, giving them some semblance of trade with the greater region, as well as leaving them in the crossfire of conflict between the two factions for an array of reasons that evolved over time. As he grew older, the tension between the two tribes gradually began to ramp up, the squabbles that were once a small nuisance to the community eventually became an abject threat. Not long after, the Red-Spear tribe had launched a devastating raid against the settlement, believing them to have betrayed their trust in favor of the Salt-Sands. The townspeople fled in response to the overwhelming presence of raiding tribesmen, leading to the death of many, including Lloyd’s mother, and younger sister, leaving a devastating effect on the emerging teenager, and his father.

The remaining settlers eventually migrated to the north-west, eventually planting their flag in another somewhat habitable spot in the wastes to start anew. Lloyds father became gradually distant towards his son, eventually imbibing in a variety of substances to sooth away the longing for his deceased wife and child. From the time Lloyd had settled, he had taken up most of the responsibilities around the farm, his father taking to drink, spending his days alone on the porch. As soon as he was old enough to go out on his own, he did so, taking with him the old family gun, along with a few basic supplies before wandering off into the night.

At some point, Lloyd found himself in yet another settlement, working up a considerable amount of savings through the skills he had developed throughout his time at the farm, providing an extra hand to those around. After a few years, news of a new, unified band of Tribes began to echo throughout the region. Not long after, the newly manifested Legion expanded throughout the territory, steamrolling over the surrounding tribes and raiders that had once called the surrounding lands home. Witnessing the onslaught and conquest of this new military power, the people of the settlement opted to cede control unto Caesar’s will, paying monetary and agricultural tribute. Following the leadership of Caesar, the region fell into a relative peace, the people of the settlement finding themselves prosperity in absence of the numerous raiders and tribes that once inhabited the area around them. Lloyd found himself a piece of this prosperity, eventually saving enough to set up his own space, and collect his own livestock. He became a prominent figure of the community, assisting his neighbors in establishing trade within the now stable, conquered land of Arizona. Later in life he found himself a life, named Laura, who he lived with happily.

Much later, word had reached their little corner of the wasteland that the mighty Legion had been defeated at the second battle of the Dam, the great Caesar dead. The prosperity and stability that had become common place vanished. The once unified soldiers of the Legion began to splinter off, bands of roaming raiders and pillagers became more and more apparent to the populace. Fearing for their own safety, Lloyd and Laura packed what they could onto the backs of the Brahmin they owned, and trekked off northward with a few other like minded individuals, hopefully moving away from the chaos around them. The wasteland was not forgiving, pools of radiation, irradiated creatures, and the occasional band of raiders plagued the caravan on their journey, leading to the loss of many. Tragedy arose as time progressed, as Laura herself seemed to have fallen deathly ill, eventually succumbing to her condition due to the lack of practiced doctors or medical supplies in the remaining group.

Lloyd let the remaining caravaneers move on without him, opting to stay and bury his love out in the wastes. After a few nights of grief, he continued onward, wandering the wastes, looking for an opportunity to settle down once more.

Do you understand that your items/authorizations can be taken away at any time, should it be found that you had abused or misused the authorization in any way?



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I have no doubt characters like this will be a great asset to the town community.

Well written story, and in my opinion obeys all the guidelines and the shotgun is well explained for and within our standard.

Good application.

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