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Progress and Potential Launch Date

Scorpion W2

Server Director


Hello everyone, my name is Scorpion W2. I am the server owner for the upcoming Half-Life 2 Leak Roleplay gamemode. I want to let you all know that myself and @Shaman have been working almost everyday in perfecting the development of the server, schema and lore. As of right now, we are waiting for the switch to the new dedicated server box that Upsilon will have available in a couple of days.

We are coming close to completing what we need to be able to launch our gamemode for all the players to enjoy and roleplay seriously.

Launch Event

As some of you may be familiar already, our launch event will not be situated in the city as of yet. We are actually attempting a new approach in transition that will allow players to execute a bit of mad-max style freedom and encouragement prior to the transfer.

If you haven't done so already, I would highly recommend checking out Shaman's lore for the "Wasteland" as it will explain the situation and events that will be happening as we stay the week.

Once the events of the Wasteland have been finished, we will have a one-two day period break to setup City Seventeen and launch the opening city event.

This is our current plan as to how we are scheduling and planning the enjoyment and roleplay for all of you. This may also subject to change depending on either of our personal lives or situations so please be flexible.

We are projecting the release date to be around late-June or early-July. We will have the actual date once Shaman and I have established an agreement.

Until then, please stay tuned and feel free to apply for potential positions or create your backgrounds to ready your character.

Scorpion W2

Server Director
Hello everyone! Just want to advise that this week we are opening up the server for demonstration and opportunities for players interested to build their characters in the wasteland!

The server will be unlocked NLT 5:00pm(1700) EST on June 24th, 2019 for everyone to play and enjoy.
If you wish to see the background of the lore for the Wasteland, be sure to click on this link for more information: https://upsilon.network/forums/index.php?threads/wasteland-la-platz-lore-mega-thread.450/

See you around!