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Accepted 'Rotwire'

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OOC Section
Steam Name: Young Blood

Steam ID: 76561198035578932

Steam Community Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198035578932/
IC Section
Character Name: 'Rotwire'.

Character Age: Twenty-Three years old.

Character Description: A tall and well-built man with various adorning scars lining his body from head to toe, a bland ski-mask covering his face under a spiked combat helmet. He speaks with a harsh and rough voice, likely from constant screaming, and wears various pieces of differing Armor across his body.
(6'6, ~190 Pounds)

Requested Items (List all, if any): Makeshift Metal Armor, Ski-mask, Brass Knuckles, One Roughed 10mm. SMG, One box of ammo (10mm.).

Requested Skills: General strength and toughness (Moderately Above Average), General knowledge of hand-to-hand combat (Crude, self-learned), Below Average Intelligence and understanding of complex machines/items.​

Character Backstory (Or why you have the gear/skills, the more you ask the more should be provided):
'Rotwire' would be born within the Wasteland from a Kidnapped and Raped settler, a typical thing among the various packs of roaming Marauders and Raiders. Ever since he was born, all he's grown to know is fighting. Since being merely Seven, he'd been thrown infront of gunfire with a simple switchblade to run towards whatever man is simply attempting to protect his belongings, his family, and his natural-born right of peace that 'Rotwire' and his gang seek to strip from them. Being involved in such bloody warfare without end in sight, he'd be mentally changed for a vast majority of his life. Never having received even a simple education in language, all he has ever come to known within his outcast of bloodied deathjockeys - Is war.

Through his Teenage years, 'Rotwire' began to take forefront in various raids among the band, having seen what is capable of simply himself alone. At this point, having killed multiple unsuspecting men simply tending to their fields, taking whatever he could rip from their bodies, and continuing onto the next. He'd burn, pillage, and steal such as any broken man without a goal in sight - Simply wishing to see himself put above others, crushing them between his boots. Infighting, Murder, and forcing captured children forward as the next line of fodder being all things 'Rotwire' became accustomed to, soon to almost being fully-grown, simply a miracle that he's even lived this long, let alone anybody else around him. His foremost investment at the time being his prime capture of a Thompson sub-machine gun with superb stealth, thoughfully-so in the mind of a seventeen-year-old high on various amounts of drugs, from a sound asleep settler working his way back to his family's ranch.

Having been lucky enough to have grown into young adulthood, 'Rotwire' has strengthened his body through the dozens of battles he's fought head-first into, large amounts of scars able to atone for his sacrifices. He has grown Autonomy over himself throughout his life, seeking the wasteland's treasures with or without someone to fall behind him, with only a forward step to lead him into triumph over any wastelander seeking to send his tales into the grave. At this point having created a large assortment of pieces of salvageable Armor, in sort of a necklace for his body.
(He's a raider.)

Do you understand that your items/authorizations can be taken away at any time, should it be found that you had abused or misused the authorization in any way?:
Absolutely, one hundred percent.​


Lt. Dan Taylor

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i will accept.. with a 9mm smg instead of 10mm.. but otherwise..

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