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The year is 2283 and it has been two years since the Legion had lost the Second Battle of Hoover Dam. The local area which is west of Flagstaff Arizona has seen a great many crises. In the aftermath of the chaotic collapse of the Caesar's Legion the small town of Whitford has seen encroaching from both the NCR and the Ninth Cohort, a splinter faction of the Caesar's Legion that claims to be the inheritor of the now-defunk Legion.

The NCR has yet to take control of the town, they do not have the manpower or military strength to depose the Mayor, the sheriff, and Whitford's deputies. Should the NCR find themselves armed and ready for battle they could effectively wrest control from the now-independent town in a fashion very similar to the manner in which New Vegas was annexed.

The town is remarkably poor at this point, without the safety and organization of the Legion there is typically shortages of supplies and materials of all manners. Lack of carvan activity has rendered many of the more upstanding residents bankrupt and the roads have become a safe haven for raiders, cannibals, and the beasts of the wasteland.

The future for the town is uncertain, many lament the fall of the Legion and the introduction of the NCR, whilst some are hasty to accept the opened palm of the Ninth Cohort, a band of brutal quasi-legionaries that slowly impede upon the outlying territories, and are beginning to make their presence known...
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