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Scorpion W2

Server Director
In the server, if you wish to obtain something extraordinary for your character, you post it in the character authorization sub-forum to be reviewed.

What you should apply for:

  • Substantially unique character backstory.
  • Minor custom items.
  • Certain Event Factions (Message @Scorpion W2 for more information).
  • Language flags.
  • Characters with excessive disabilities (missing entire limbs, wheelchair bound, etc).
  • Former Union characters (You may not carry over any uniforms or equipment).

Banned authorizations:
  • Pre-occupation military backgrounds (anything of an officer rank or above).
  • Any weaponry.
  • Anything that requires content to be added to the server.
  • Unrealistic character attributes.
  • Extensive knowledge of how Combine factions work.

Character authorizations are formatted as you wish. Some minimal information that is expected in every authorization is your name, explanation on the reasoning and legitimacy of the authorization, if you have ever been banned or kicked from the server, and any OOC motivations you have with this authorization.
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Head Crab Authorization Application
OOC Section

Steam Name:

Steam ID:


Can you RP seriously?:

Do you have any experience with this whitelist?:

Why should you have this whitelist?:

Will you be a fully-functional Headcrab or a damaged one that could possibly be domesticated?:

Do you understand you will need to RP when attacking enemies?:

IC Section:

Write a detailed Scenario of you attacking a citizen(Use /me's):

Write another Scenario of you latching onto a citizens head and taking control of his bodies(Use /me's)

if you chose to be injured and possibly be domesticated, write out a scenario of you being injured and someone helping you(use /me's):

What will you name your Headcrab?:

Do you accept that if you do not RP correctly, you will be blacklisted from this whitelist?:

Do you understand that you cannot speak as a headcrab and can only make noises(Example: Ksssst, rrrrssskkk or ktssss):