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Accepted 'Stinger'

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OOC Section:
Steam Name: switch
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:15876684
Steam Community Profile: https://www.steamcommunity.com/id/xcf617

IC Section

Character Name: 'Stinger'

Character Age: 178

Character Description: A buff Nightkin standing at a towering 8'1. He adorns a leather chest piece made from old football gear and fur. A large 'V' is painted on it, and a stopsign is wrapped around his left wrist. Stutters quite a bit as he speaks, and also has a large wooden stick slung around his back with a rope. He has a brown rag covering his right eye, and burlap hood over his head.

Requested Items: Leather chest piece, Metal bracers, average sledge hammer.

Requested Skills: Basic survival skills, good stealth capabilities, and good combat prowess.

Character Backstory (Or why you have the gear/skills, the more you ask the more should be provided:

'Stinger' was a Nightkin, one of the best of the best, the elites within the Master's army. He was as the Master called, The "Apex of his creation". Stinger's was fiercly loyal to the Master, doing anything and everything he was ordered to do as he viewed his duties as something that must happen. Stinger started off as a guard in the Cathedral, a church home to the 'Children of the Cathedral', but most importantly - he guarded the Vault that laid underneath said building, which is where the Master stayed. Though eventually he began to attack Caravans - taking the Humans forcefully as recruits for the Master's army.

Stinger served the master very well, however his abuse of Stealth Boys was his biggest mistake. Stinger was smarter than the average Supermutant, as all Nightkin were- however his rampant use of Stealthboys caused Stinger to develop a very bad case of schizophrenia. His sanity dipped severely, and while still strong, the stealthboys made it so that the average Supermutant could easily surpass Stinger in strength. Once supposed to be a Vanguard of a New World, he is now an insane addict destined for multiple lifetimes of un-assisted delusion. When the Master fell, Stinger was alone. He could no longer stand to be near other Nightkin, so he roamed alone. This of course did not help is already deteriorating mental state- and so his Schizophrenia got worse and worse over time. He began to talk to the voices he heard in his head, he would actively see hallucinations of people.

Stinger roamed far and wide, but eventually ended up in Arizona. Stinger was now a complete isolationist and due to many run ins with the Legion, he views all Humans as threats. During his wandering, he eventually found a shack that he would call home- and inside was a stick. The voices in his head would talk to him, and Stinger believed it was the Stick whom was speaking. He now refers to the stick as 'God', actively praying to the stick and doing anything and everything it tells him to do. To this day, Stinger still stays within the Arizona wasteland- and whilst he stays quite a distance from any Human, he still runs into them frequently. This eventually led to him being able to ignore humans, though as he still actively sees them as a potential threat, is willing to kill any and all humans who he deems a threat to his 'God' or himself.
Do you understand that your items/authorizations can be taken away at any time, should it be found that you had abused or misused the authorization in any way? Yup.
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