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Official Server Lore The Aftermath

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The Legion has fallen, the Bear stood victorious after the Second Battle of the Hoover Dam with the help of the courier and had cut off the head of the bull. Caesar is dead, Vulpes Inculta is dead, and Legate Lanius is dead. The Bear looks further east past the Dam and into Arizona, though with great surprise it seems that the Legion still has yet to break.. While little remains of the original tribes that had been subjugated by Caesar, it soon became clear as the NCR consolidated in New Vegas before pushing past the Colorado River that the areas around and between Flagstaff and the Dam were completely inhospitable to civilization's grasp. The Legion had evaporated into many small bands of Raiders and Tribes that existed around new culture, one of the now-fallen Legion. Many demagogues, mostly Centurions and self-fashioned 'Legates' have rooted themselves as regional powers in the areas that were previously conquered and controlled by the Legion. These acted as an extremely dense buffer zone to any NCR incursion and it was decidedly difficult for the extremely exhausted NCR to continue past this array of obstacles.

Within the Mojave and New Vegas many things have forever changed. The Great Khan's were destroyed by the NCR before the battle and scattered into the wind, passing on as if they never had existed. Very few, if any, survived the onslaught. The NCR managed to clear the Long 15 for a more permanent and stable supply route that enabled a sizeable increase of military activity that soon led to the final purification of the BoS Mojave Chapter. With the eradication of the BoS the NCR was able to fully annex the New Vegas area, and ratified it as the next state of the Republic, the State of New Vegas. The Hoover Dam became as symbol for the NCR's dominance in the area and through the eyes of those that lived in the area, they were now under the paw of the Bear.

Not all was rosy for the NCR though, the Brotherhood of Steel's continued existence within the western reaches of California had soon heated up, the Paladins and Knights of the Brotherhood beginning an offensive to catch the NCR in a bad position and attempt to sue for peace, this had led to the NCR having to redirect a bulk of their gathered frontline infantry from the Dam area and move them out to the west to finish off the remaining regional power that fights the NCR within California. What was left in New Vegas were the garrison troops and volunteers, both lacking experience and equipment in order to effectively push into enemy territory, and served little purpose besides keeping the State under control.​
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