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The World of Double Action

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Double Action

The year is 2056, in the last several decades humanity has seen an unprecedented spike in all technological fields. Governments around the world have failed to keep up with these new times. Many nations' economies have collapsed in on themselves, forcing countries to sell out responsibilities that used to belong to the government, to megacorporations. Corpclave is perhaps the biggest one of these, assuming economic responsibilities of countries around the globe. In late October of 2056 Tokyo was subject to a series of dirty bomb attacks that have rendered massive amounts of Japan's southern half uninhabitable. Hundreds of millions have been displaced, and refugees are pouring into various East Asian countries, specifically the United People's Republic of Korea, China, and Taiwan. Over a month has passed, and there are still no answers as to who is responsible. Many countries and corporations have been pointing fingers at one another, anticipating that they themselves could be the next target. Organizations around the world are rapidly recruiting soldiers and mercenaries to bolster their ranks in preparation for a new armed conflict.

Regions of the World and their Status

The United States, after a resurgence of nationalism in the late 2020's has retracted itself from many global conflicts. It continues to be the dominate military power in the world, however it has since pulled out of almost all conflicts in the Middle East, East Europe, and Africa. Compared to many other countries around the world, it is nearly a utopia where one can live stably in a middle class position in life. Nearly all immigration into the country and foreign aide going out of it has been cut off.

East Europe has become a hotbed for the Russian Federation attempting to take new ground. In 2021, the Crimea Region of Ukraine was fully annexed, and later that year, the entire country of Ukraine as well. Various East Europe countries have now been turned into battle zones and regions filled with espionage operations being conducted by Russia. Germany, the United Kingdom, and France lead a combined arms effort attempting to counter the encroaching Russian threat in fear that it will spill over into West Europe. The United States has remained out of the conflict.

Africa and many of it's countries have become puppet states who are actually controlled by China. In the early 2020's, China invested hundreds of billions of dollars into bolstering infrastructure, establishing spheres of influence throughout the region. Many East African states have a devout loyalty to China, and have established treaties that obligates them to conscript their own citizens into the Chinese military. These conscripts are often used as cannon fodder in conflicts that China is involved in.​
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