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Town of Whitford

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The town of Whitford has stood for almost 50 years, set up by roaming caravaneers after they were trapped in the area for an entire year due to a terrible drought and storm, as a result the town in recent years had acted as a waystop for many caravans on the way to and from Flagstaff. It is remarkably small for a town though at times the population has fluctuated greatly depending on the relative stability and security of the region.

After the fall of the Caesar's Legion the land was stripped of most of it's people and the Legion's control, which resulted in the highest population the town had ever seen, was cut down to a sixth of it's original size. The local Decanus and his men fled the region and it was unknown what had happened to them.

A new administration was quickly set up to reform the town without the rulership of the Legion. A mayor was elected and a sheriff was put into power to protect the town and keep law and order on the streets. It is still in it's infancy.

Mayor: TBD

Sheriff: TBD

Deputies: TBD
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